Introduction to Nepal, 2017

Coordinated Health (CH) is proud to announce that 9 of its employees have teamed up with International Medical Relief (IMR) to support a medical mission in Nepal. The trip is a specialized orthopedic surgical mission trip, and three CH orthopedic surgeons are expected to operate while there. The team members spend close to 16 hours on a plane, with limited resources, in one the most impoverished countries in the world, where the household income is only $700 per year. The CH employees are using their own personal time off to provide care and treatment to these communities.


CH is serving Nepali and Tibetan refugee communities, and assisting many citizens who were injured during the 2015 Gorkha earthquake. The population of the region is roughly 31 million people, and earthquakes and pollution have damaged numerous temples and palaces, as well as injuring many residents. Human and animal waste, agricultural run-off, and industrial effluents contaminate the local water supply, meaning that only about 35 percent of the total population have access to sanitation facilities, making the degree of risk of infectious diseases very high. Although the weather is expected to be mild during the trip, with an average temperature of 84°F, the visit is occurring during the middle of monsoon season.

The team is excited to document and share their individual journeys as they set out to provide care to these underserved communities.

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