Day 2: Organization is Key!

Day 2 Update from Dr. James Reid, CH Orthopedic Surgeon:

Today was a far more organized day. We were a much larger group with some serious organization. The coordinated team worked beautifully with the other IMR volunteers. We orthopedists were able to convince the Nepali ministry of health to allow us to give injections and this allowed us to help a lot of patients. We were able to care for over five hundred patients.

Day 2 Update from International Medical Relief:

Your entire team has all arrived after a few delays and every one has had a chance to get to know each other and explore their home away from home.  The hotel is located within a thriving tourist area where shops and restaurants abound.  Much of the Nepalese economy is based in tourism and trekking in the mountains.  Many of the shops are filled with climbing gear for the high Himalaya treks.  Other shops are filled with beautiful woven scarfs, “singing” prayer bowls, and paintings so intricate they are painted with a brush the width of a human hair, objects made from rice paper, amazing masks, teas, and spices.  The restaurants serve food from all of the world with many specializing in Chinese and Tibetan cuisine. A quote from Kimberly G., Nursing Student:

We were told this would be a life changing trip for some of us. However, I don’t think any of us were prepared for what all this day would bring… at least I wasn’t. We rode in buses through Nepal to set up a clinic up above the city. Once we arrived at our destination, we received the official Nepali welcome: piping hot tea and biscuits on the community center rooftop! After set-up, we began to see patients. We were split up into different areas: lab, registration, triage, orthopedics, general medicine, vision, pharmacy, and Women’s care… Heather and Kalli, worked with the orthopedic doctors teaching patients stretching exercises. This team came together to deliver the kind of care our patients needed and deserved, cared for over 300 patients and we could not have asked for a more fulfilling day! Namaste!

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