Day 3: Kindness Still Exists

Day 3 Update from Nicole Bernstein, Administration:

The clinic today was a little smaller than the day before. The patients we saw today were a Tibetan group. They were of all ages but many of them were school aged children. One of the patients that was seen was a Tibetan nun who was very grateful and appreciative for all the help and services we provided for her. One of the nursing students who spoke nepali walked her home and the nun had expressed to her how she had given up on the kindness of mankind until today. She said that our act of kindness reassured her that it still exists and is giving her the will to go on. The dental group that we are partnered with while we are here (we do not have dental with our group) had extracted a tooth for the nun for free. As a way to pay forward and ensure that someone will not be turned away due to a lack in funds, the dentist donated money to the clinic.

Day 3 Update from International Medical Relief:

The winding roads of Nepal were filled with motorcycles, people, dogs, cars, cows, rickshaws, and our buses to take us to a Tibetan refugee camp today.  A quote from Ev, RN and IMR Team Leader:

Over 340 people were seen by our amazing medical team of Ortho docs, Dr. Jim, Dr. Brett and Dr. James, one of our NP’s, Barbara, and our PA’s, Autumn and Jamie, while Dr. Don saw the very young and very old for a multitude of illnesses… and well, just about everything else too! The rain held off again (surprisingly!) until right at the end where our IMR banner got a nice cleaning! Today was an amazing day of giving, kindness, laughter, songs, treatments, well-being, grateful smiles, and warmth… all while the Himalayas watch over us! Namaste!

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