Day 5: Last, Successful Clinic Day!

Day 6 Update from Dr. Brett Godbout, CH Orthopedic Surgeon:

Today was a very busy day for all of us! Our group of 54 split into two groups with one of the groups going out to a remote village in Nepal – Dr. Hoffman and Matt were in this group. They seemed to have a successful trip, but the journey was not easy as their route was blocked by a landslide and the had to trek for 45 minutes to get to the village. The group I was in stayed inland to treat about 300 Tibetan refugees. All in all, we are doing well and today is our last clinic day. This trip was very worthwhile. Unfortunately, we were not able to get into the operating room during this trip, but if there are any future medical visits to Nepal, with the right preparation and teamwork, I believe it could be done!

Day 6 Update from International Medical Relief:

A quote from Danielle B., RN:

It will be hard to describe in words the spectacular and blessed day we had in the clinic today! We were split into two groups and I was in the group that traveled to the remote Himalayan village. It was a tiring trip, but worth every second. Our  bus ride included beautiful scenery of the mountains the entire way up, stops for photos and the most skilled bus driver I have ever seen. Closer to our destination, we hit a few road blocks (pun intended!) when several large rocks blocked our bus’ path. The only way up was then to walk, so we grabbed our gear and started hiking. It was a wonderful experience to be able to hike such beautiful mountains with such an amazing team. Talk about a group effort hiking up almost 7,000 ft elevation with medical supplies and backpacks. It was about an hour hike to our clinic site where we went right to work! We treated approximately 250 patients ranging from infants to elderly. Once we finished our hike down, some of us enjoyed soaking our feet in the small waterfalls. Namaste!

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